First, make sure you've run npm i -g serverless and added your AWS credentials.
Deploying for the first time can take 10-20 minutes since it needs to create the ElasticSearch instance. If there is an error, you may get ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS the next time you try to deploy. Give it a few minutes and then try again.
git clone [email protected]:serverless-cqrs/express-example.git
cd express-example
npm i
serverless deploy
The deploy output will list your endpoint URL to which you can send GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE requests:
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json"
-X POST -d '{"id":"123","title":"Get milk"}'
# null
# {"id":"123","todos":[{"title":"Get Milk","completed":false}]}
The AWS Free Tier covers most of these services, but running an ElasticSearch instance on AWS can be expensive. Make sure to run serverless remove once you're done.
Last modified 4yr ago