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First, make sure you've run npm i -g serverless and added your AWS credentials.

Deploying for the first time can take 10-20 minutes since it needs to create the ElasticSearch instance. If there is an error, you may get ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS the next time you try to deploy. Give it a few minutes and then try again.

git clone
cd express-example
npm i
serverless deploy

The deploy output will list your endpoint URL to which you can send GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE requests:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json"
  -X POST -d '{"id":"123","title":"Get milk"}'
# null

# {"id":"123","todos":[{"title":"Get Milk","completed":false}]}

The AWS Free Tier covers most of these services, but running an ElasticSearch instance on AWS can be expensive. Make sure to run serverless remove once you're done.

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