First, make sure you've run npm i -g serverless and added your AWS credentials.
Deploying for the first time can take 10-20 minutes since it needs to create the ElasticSearch instance. If there is an error, you may get ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS the next time you try to deploy. Give it a few minutes and then try again.
git clone [email protected]:serverless-cqrs/graphql-example.git
cd graphql-example
npm i
serverless deploy
Once deployed, navigate to the returned endpoint url and you'll see the graphql playground, where you can run the following queries:
mutation {
addTodo(id: "123", title: "Get Milk")
query {
getById(id: "123") {
todos {
The AWS Free Tier covers most of these services, but running an ElasticSearch instance on AWS can be expensive. Make sure to run serverless remove once you're done.